Brad Penny

June 13, 2009

I don’t see any team making an equal trade for Penny. They don’t see the organizational depth the Red Sox have, they get tunnel vision on Buchholz and Bowden and when the Red Sox refuse to give them up they take their Blackberries and go home. Teams will refuse to see that Penny is just a few years removed from STARTING an ALL-STAR GAME, and that the ONLY reason for his struggles in recent years has been injuries, and he’s healthy now (knock on wood). If a deal arose I would be hesitant to trade him for a catcher only because Catching prospects are always the hardest to judge, even if they look lights out in AAA. That being said I would probably end up agreeing to a deal for a top-flight catching prospect for the sole reason that Penny’s value can’t go much higher for the amount of time he has left on his contract.
Anyway, here’s how I think it will actually go down. There’s only a month until the All-Star break two weeks after that, the trading deadline, if they can find some way to get Penny all his starts until then that’s when teams won’t be thinking clearly, they’ll be in the Middle of a pennant race, much like the Brewers last year, and even though you know team X doesn’t stand a chance in the playoffs they’ll be blinded by just the prospect of making the playoffs. That’s when you take them for all they’ve got. You get either a player to fill a current position of need or one of their top hitting/catching prospects.


World Baseball Classic

January 22, 2009

Not five minutes ago I came across a coment board on where one particular commenter was either incredibly dense or extremely racist. He commented no less than 5 times, each time he said something even more standoffish about how baseball players from the Dominican Republic are not on the same level with American players. The straw that broke my back was when he was so ingnorant as to say that Dominican children aren’t as good as as American Children because The Dominican Republic hasn’t made an appearance in the little league world series and American teams have won the past four. Now, granted, my family has never been is such dire straits as those of the Dominican Republic are constantly, but I can relate to them. I am an 18 year old man, raised by a single mother, though I do feel lucky that my father has always been there for me and he is the reason why I have such a deep love for the game of baseball. I have a younger sister and brother, both of whom’s fathers had better hope they never meet me in a dark alley because the only thing those two lower than human life forms deserve is a swift kick in the testicles so by the grace of God they won’t be able to have any more children to abandon. But I digress. Most families in the Dominican don’t even have things that good. My Mother, on one salary was somehow able to keep a roof over our head, even after our house was destroyed by flood waters and mold. The house I live in now, which is the same house that was destroyed, infected and infested by water, mold and mice (don’t worry we fixed it) respectively, is a house that most Dominican families would love to have. When we first moved in it was a one bedroom house with a finished basement we converted into three more bedrooms. One bathroom, tiny kitchen, tiny dining room, tiny living room, all on one floor. We “squeeze” a family of four and a dog into this house while a Dominican family of 6 or 7 could fit in here comfortably. So, with the average family in the Dominican barely able to afford a house, how could they be able to afford to buy five kids equipment to play baseball. That’s why in my opinion, Dominican ball players are better than American ball players. We Americans, even those of us who don’t have a ton of money, get to play baseball on a well groomed field with proper equipment and coaching from the age of 6 while most Dominicans don’t get to play on an actual baseball field until they’re 16 or 17 and an American scout comes and sees them hit a bottle cap 400 feet with a broomstick and offers him $750 dollars to leave his family and go to a baseball development camp 200 miles away from home. In the Dominican they play baseball because it’s their only way off the Island and that’s why they try so damned hard, to make a better life for their family not for the fame and fortune like most American ball players do.


October 28, 2008

It’s 2:05 AM EST on October 28 and I just got my first comment so I would like to thank Shawn for his opinion on my page about the Red Sox lack of power and I would also like to encourage everybody else who reads one of my pages to please give me feedback about my writing and Questions or comments about the Red Sox. I like to consider myself anĀ  expert on everything to do with them but I’m sure there are things I post that are incorrect also so feel free to correct me.