Brad Penny

June 13, 2009

I don’t see any team making an equal trade for Penny. They don’t see the organizational depth the Red Sox have, they get tunnel vision on Buchholz and Bowden and when the Red Sox refuse to give them up they take their Blackberries and go home. Teams will refuse to see that Penny is just a few years removed from STARTING an ALL-STAR GAME, and that the ONLY reason for his struggles in recent years has been injuries, and he’s healthy now (knock on wood). If a deal arose I would be hesitant to trade him for a catcher only because Catching prospects are always the hardest to judge, even if they look lights out in AAA. That being said I would probably end up agreeing to a deal for a top-flight catching prospect for the sole reason that Penny’s value can’t go much higher for the amount of time he has left on his contract.
Anyway, here’s how I think it will actually go down. There’s only a month until the All-Star break two weeks after that, the trading deadline, if they can find some way to get Penny all his starts until then that’s when teams won’t be thinking clearly, they’ll be in the Middle of a pennant race, much like the Brewers last year, and even though you know team X doesn’t stand a chance in the playoffs they’ll be blinded by just the prospect of making the playoffs. That’s when you take them for all they’ve got. You get either a player to fill a current position of need or one of their top hitting/catching prospects.