Upcoming season

Alright, well, as the six or seven of you who read my past pages here, you know that I was a huge advocate for the Red Sox signing Mark Teixeira, those of you reading for the first time now know, I was a huge advocate for the Red Sox to sign Mark Teixeira. But, here it is, as I’m writing this, 2:03 Am on Thursday January 22nd, and it’s been pretty close to a month since we of Red Sox nation were double crossed by the free agent I was sure would have put us over the top for a third World Championship of the decade. Now, it’s probably the negative feelings toward the man clouding my better knowlege of the game of baseball, but, I’m not that nervous going into this season. Don’t get me wrong, it is going to be one HELL of a season, it’s just the part I’m not nervous about is this. I’ve noticed a trend in the post-season’s past that I can’t see why I’ve never heard anyone say before, but, the Angels are overrated. They really are. Here’s how I see it. If not for them, the American League west would be the worst division in baseball. And since there are only four teams in their division, they play those terrible divisional opponents four to eight more times each year than the Red Sox play a would-be-competitive-in-any-other-division team such as the Blue Jays and Orioles and a we’re-gona-give-’em-a-run-for-their-money team such as the Yankees and Rays. Even I had a hard time understanding that, so, for my sake as well as yours, I’ll spell it out a little clearer. The average win total of the other four teams in the Red Sox division was 85 while the average win total of the other three teams in the Angels division was 71.67. In all fairness though, since the Angels have one less team in their division they do play an extra series against each team in the east. But the basic jist of what I’m saying is the Angels division opponents won an average of approximately 14 less games than divisonal opponents of the Red Sox, yet the Angels only managed to win 5 more games than the Red Sox in ’08. And the Angels haven’t beat the Red Sox in a playoff series in like 30 years should have something to do with it, too.


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